Building on a decade of experience and impactful partnerships with Cities Changing Diabetes, we are dialling up our commitment to drive health promotion initiatives in urban communities under a new name – Cities for Better Health.

The Cities Changing Diabetes partnership programme was established in 2014 by Novo Nordisk, Steno Diabetes Centre Copenhagen and University College London. Initially, the programme included five partner cities: Copenhagen, Houston, Mexico City, Shanghai and Tianjin.

Drawing on Novo Nordisk's extensive diabetes expertise spanning almost a century, the initiative set out to bring together diverse stakeholders from different sectors to combat the increasing prevalence of diabetes in urban settings.

Ten years later
Cities Changing Diabetes became a well-established and internationally recognised network. Within this partnership programme, city leaders, health officials, academic institutions, local organisations, patient associations, community centres, urban planners, private companies, and many others are working together to conduct research, advocate for and implement strategies that promote healthier living, working and recreational environments in cities.